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please tell me that What I must do for checking 5 input pins (parallel port) when the program is waiting for response , Do I use VB Timer ocx ?

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If you are waiting for an input, the Visual Basic program you write could simply be in a loop (Do....Loop or While...Wend or etc.) watching for a certain value from the port. The kicker to using the parallel port is that if you are using an operating system higher thatn Win98, you can't access the parallel port without building your own driver. This requires some software engineering experience.

There are shareware drivers for the parallel port for Win98 and below, and the mechanics of using them are usually included with the software.
use hirestimer.ocx and inout32.dll
set timer to 1 mS and read whit inp
you must set inout32 from module .bas
I also have a project that requires a stable timer capable of processing data at a 1ms intervals. This program (Hirestimer.ocx) appears to be what ive been looking for, but i cannot find it available for download. Any help would be greatly appreciated.