parallel port interfacing using vb 6


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Eoh Thean Keat

Can someone out there please help me in this? I need a source code sample using visual basic 6 to tap a few signals out from a device from parallel port. I know that I need to assign some address to the port but how to? I am still new to this but I really need help. Please.... anyone??

Deepak Verma

Hello I have done much task in it.These days I am trying to make a robot controlled wirelessly by parallel port.I can help you in this matter.
Write to me at the following address: [email protected]
Include " parallel port help" in the subject line of your mail.
(I am mechanical engineering final year student in IIT, Roorkee( India ) )
If you want I can give oyu the poistal address also.

Deepak Verma.
Hi there.
Are you talking about communicating through an rs-232 on vb?
I have to do the same thing. Have you found anything? and if you have could you help me?

Greetings (all)
I too am trying to control hardware via para port this time using WinNT. I have several instruments operating using the para port to control a 24bit AD and a 12 bit microstepping motor driver. All this is fine under DOS (or in my case OS2).

However time to upgrade to NT and life is a lot harder.

I think I need a 3rd party DLL or driver. I need to service the para pot interrupt within 2ms.

Any ideas as to who to ask or where to look?

please 'mail [email protected]
Kind regards

N. A. K. Warsi

Hi Deepak,
I am in need of the same i,e, Interface of Parallel Port using either Vb or VC++. Please help me out.
I will be gratefull to you
My email is
[email protected]
N. A. K. Warsi

dear deepak,
i have download win95io for using the parallel port. i need it to send command code to the printer to open the drawer. but i am not sure how to do it. could you send vb program to help me. thanks alot.
my email:[email protected]
Dear deepak;
I am electronic engineering final year degree student. I am doing final year project about the wireless traffic light monitoring system using VB 6. Do you have any idea or solution on how to interface the wireless signal (using remote
control for car) to the parallel port of computer using Visual Basic 6 ?

Muhammad waqas ch.

hello if nay one need Parallel port information then i have i can send you in ur inbox with vb application and source code but you just write my emaila ddress first in ur Inbox's To [email protected]
Muhammad waqas Ch.
Dear Sir,

I am final engineering student and doing my project on PC-Based Home Automation Using Parallel port. Please help me in programming the
parallel port in VB6.
How to capture the data on the input data lines of the Parallel Port using VB6. Please help me in getting through this.
My email: [email protected]

Suman K
i'm a final year student currently doing a project requires parallel port interfacing with vb. please send me your vb code...
it seem all of us need the program to control external electrical devices using parallel port. for me.. i face the same problem also! i had done a lot study on net but finally i found something... we need using third party addin tools or engine to let us communicate with parallel ports. for me.. i also final year of
my Bsc in computer science in Malaysia,. i think my deadline very soon also, is 18th March 2002. so i think i need the sample more urgently, any one help could help me?? really headaches! HELP! any one can help me... or pls publish on some
pages.. then we can share together... Thank You! my email address is [email protected] or [email protected].. hope can hear from u all soon.
thank you!
Hai Deepak
i am also looking same parallel port communication. i got to open the printer port and read data can u help me in this matter. if u want to write regarding this please do mail to me at "[email protected]", mailto:[email protected]

thank u
sudhir (programmar)
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