Parker Ripped Linear Motors

I am trying to implement a Parker Ripped Linear Motor with a Kinetix 5300 drive. My application requires CIP motion control with a gear ratio between a linear and rotary axis. The rotary axis is a Rockwell MPL motor on another 5300. I cannot get the motor to function with the drive. I get to the commutation hookup test and the test will not complete. It says drive faulted out during the test, but the drive does not show a fault nor does it show anything in the fault history.

I had limited success connecting the motor to an old K300 drive we have. I was able to run the phasing test successfully, but I can't get the drive to stay connected to the PLC so it gives a communication fault. I'm not able to enable the drive to test anything past that point. I did this as a drive/motor test because the 300 won't work for a geared situation either.

Has anyone had any success with this setup or using a Parker Ripped Series motor with any AB drive with CIP motion?