Part placement control scheme using CLX

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Terry Whitworth

Trying to control roll movement on a one section conveyor. Roll sizes are know and converted to millsec according to conveyor. Problem is this Ily have 148" of room after the first roll is moved out At this time the cushion device will raise the remaining rolls and conveyor will space. Once the roll enters the 148" area a only eye starts calculating roll length for centering in a kicker. I want to keep my slacks.g the same and keep the conveyor full. I know all roll sizes and converted to millsec and roll placement with size. I want a clean program so that I am not called all the time. Trying to figure how to move roll information cleanly. Any help would be appreciated.

David Ferguson

I have done this exact thing, I built an add on instruction that I use called centering.

Basically I have a photo eye entering the kicker area. I measure the time the conveyor runs from the eye to center of kicker (fixed speed conveyor), say 10 seconds (just made up).

Now I know how long something takes to go from eye to center. Then I time when a roll makes the eye and breaks the eye. Example 6 seconds. I divide in half (3 seconds), and then when I get to 10 (middle of kicker), I go for 3 more (13 total) and I have the middle of roll, at middle of kicker.....I also have code because they stop and reverse etc. but most wouldn't need that.

I also have a UDT with "roll data", size, weight, who going to and on and on. As roll moves from station to station, I just pass "Kicker_12_Data" to Station_08_Data" and all the . parameters for roll are passed.

I can explain further if contact info provided.

Dave Ferguson
Control Systems Engineer

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