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andres carrillo

It's possible that anyone could tell me how to program the high speed counter function in a c60k omron plc. This o trouble in a company where i'm working and there is not enough documentation with this plc.
Hi Andres,

It's been a while since I've used an Omron (especially the C-series), but I still have the programming manual for them. Without re-typing the
entire manual, I'll describe what I feel is the pertinent information from the manual..Hopefully you are familiar with Omron programming!

The instruction for the High-Speed Drum Counter is HDM (Function 61) and you MUST use counter 47 as the definer. When the instruction is executed, it compares the current counter value with a list of values stored in DM32 thru
63 and turns on the respective bits in the result (output) word.

When you are "in range", the corresponding bit of the result word turns ON. The result word can be an Internal Relay (IR), Holding Relay (HR), or Data Memory (DM).

The following list is the table setup:

Lower Limit: DM32, Upper Limit: DM33, Bit that turns ON in Result word: 00
Lower Limit: DM34, Upper Limit: DM35, Bit that turns ON in Result word: 01
and so on....up to
Lower Limit: DM62, Upper Limit: DM63, Bit that turns ON in Result word: 15

In other words, when the HDM instruction is executed AND the current counter value is between the setting of DM32 and DM33, bit 00 in the result word will be ON. The same hold true for the remaining 15 presets...

Other useful information:

Maximum counting speed is 2Khz
The counter maintains it's value when power is cycled
Input 0000 is the count input
Input 0001 is the hardware counter reset
Bit 1807 is the software counter reset

To enable the hardware reset, you must set the DIP switch pin #7 and 8 to ON. (The DIP switch is under the EPROM cover)

Feel free to ask for any info that I missed here. Too bad Omron doesn't offer copies of their manuals on their website (or maybe now they do?).
Consider replacing the C60 with a more current PLC. The C-Series bricks has been obsolete for quite some time now, though I've probably still got about a half-dozen C60s sitting on the shelf here gathering dust ;o)

Hope this helps,

- Eric Nelson
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