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I have a running ControlLogix Enhanced redundancy system: The first chassis has in Slot 0 the Controller, in Slot 1 the Redundancy Module and in Slot 2 a CNB Module (node 3). The second chassis has the very same configuration. The third chassis has in Slot 0 a CNB Module (node 1), in Slot 1 another CNB Module (node 2), in Slot 2 a DHRIO Module, in Slot 3 another DHRIO Module and in Slot 4 a 16 Digital Input Module.

What I don't know how to do is getting the entry status of the CNB located in the chassis that is running as Secondary.

Can anybody give me any clue?


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Barrese, Robert J


Do an GSV.
Class - Redunancy
Instance - leave blank
Attribute - ChassisRedundancyState
Destination - integer

Redundany State of Primary Chassis
1=PU - power up or undetermined
2=PWQS - primary with qualified secondary
3=PWDS - primary with disqualified secondary
4=PWNS - primary with no secondary

See the GSV online docs for more info

Rob Barrese