Passive Variable Reluctance speed sensors cable length limitation

we are installing overspeed trip and speed control modules (Woodward Protech GII and Peak 200) for few lube oil turbines. we are planning to use Dynalco speed pickup probes. i want to know how to figure out cable length for speed sensor signals. Woodward Modules are located in remote MCC room which is around 500 ft away from speed sensor location.
one type of MPU has following Entity parameters, (Dynalco M204)
Output voltage peak to peak: 15-17 Volts
DC resistance Ohms: 550-650 at 75°F
Inductance Millihenrys: 260 mH ±10%

another MPU has following Entity parameters, (Dynalco M233)
Output voltage peak to peak: 160-240 Volts
DC resistance Ohms: 1000-1300 at 75°F
Inductance Millihenrys: 330-410 AT 1 KHz

now MPU provide output relative to speed and no. of gear teeths. i am not sure how to interprete signal loss over longer cable run. cable is standard Military spec connector with shield and Steel armor. we are specifying quick connect connector for easy replacement. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.