Password protected S7-200

Hello all,
Hope everyone doing well.
I have a problem with a PLC S7-200. Model is 1212 DC/DC/RLY.
It's password protected and I can't get access to the program.
Actually the program is not that important. I need to reset the CPU and as I found it needs a Siemens memory card that I don't have it.
1 - Is it possible to reset it without memory card?
2 - Is it possible to make a siemens memory card using a regular one and an image file?
Kindly inform me about the solution.

Thank you in advance
Thanks for reply but it’s already tried.
This password works on the older version of PLCs which been programmed through simatic manager.
It doesn’t work on TIA Portal.

Thanks anyway
You have a S7-1200 PLC, not S7-200.
1 - You need a memory card for the PLC to work
2 - I have restored Siemens memory cards with an image file when someone reformatted with Windows. So you can probably make your own memory card with an image file if you have a blank memory card the right size. Probably easier to buy the smallest memory card from Siemens.