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Brian E Boothe

hi all,

i'm interested in knowing a payscale from Developers and scada people on this list. i'm a multi_hat wearing person here at were i work and i'm really getting frustrated with my payrate of $12.25/hr and i've been here for 6 yrs and i do hold many Certificates from allen bradley training...
get your industrial electricians ticket.. and specialize in controls.. you'll make that to start and it will grow with each level .. once you have your ticket you can make upwards of 30 an hour
...and by "industrial electrician's ticket" you mean what? Are you referring to becoming a master electrician in the ibew? I'm presently making a little under $20/hour as an industrial electrician at a local plant through the USW (steelworkers), which offers no continuing education for trades and crafts that I am aware of. I also hold a BS in EET and have over 10 years of solid field experience. I have the background and desire to be heavily involved in control and automation, but I am experiencing difficulty in penetrating or even locating the local market.

I guess I got a little wordy here. My basic question is, are you referring to the IBEW or some other "ticket?"

I am not sure where you are at but... our Electricians make $26.04/hour and we are losing them because many places are paying above $30 / hr. Time for a new steelworker contract...

PS: The Steelworkers here make significantly more than that (to the tune of over $5.00/hr more).