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Anindyo Gupta

I want to know how to involve PC as an automatic controller and signal conditioner.
Thanking you Anindyo Gupta Bangalore,India
"28. National Instruments - Computer-Based Measurement and Automation 62%
With National Instruments hardware and software, engineers and scientists can customize PCs to measure and automate the collection of data from the world around us, perform analysis on ... "
Found by: Infoseek

Note: National Instruments is world leader in PC applications of many kinds. World wide based
(also in India). They have several web sites.
I have searched using Copernic 2000. And selected a typical one. Also they have the Labview tutorial (animated).
Just call "National Instruments", they should all come to you.
Hoping this will help.
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Preston Todd Johnson

There are many ways to involve the PC as an automatic controller and signal conditioner. What is it that you are trying to do, monitor, or control?

Todd Johnson
Interspace Electronics

Robert Dusza


We have been using a PC-based system here in Manchester, CT, USA for the Wastewater Treatment Plant. We have three nodes totaling a little over 1100 I/O including a radio link for about 10% of the count. We are using the Intellution Paradym-31 product with iFIX Dynamics. Let me know what kind of information you need.

Bob Dusza

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