PC Based MMI for Siemens S5 PLC


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Mihir Ramkrishna

Is there any PC based MMI software for siemens S5 plc? If yes please give details....

Jesper M. Pedersen

If your requirements are not so high, then consider:

1. Siemens Protool Pro (for PCs) or Protool (for Operator Panels). This is probably the easiest way to make a HMI for Siemens S5.

2. Rockwell RSView ME (for PCs and Win CE panels). Rockwell has announced that a "KEPserver" OPC server for a wide range of protocols will be supplied free of charge together with RSView ME. Amongst the available drivers are "Siemens S5"

Hassan M. Emara

You should first determine the communication type. Several options are available:
1. Industrial Ethernet (H1)
2. Profibus L1
3. Rs232
4. Programming port

Option 1 is the most expensive but provides the fastest communication.

The first 3 options requires a special communication processor to be mounted in the PLC rack. The exact card model number depends on the S5 processor you have.

On the computer side, the first 2 options requires an interface card (usually PCI format).

To use option 4, a converter (RS232-RS485 or RS232-RS422 I don't remeber!) must be fitted between PC and PLC.

After determinimg your communication network, the MMI selection is easy. For example:
Wincc: support all options
Lookout , Aimax: support mainly serial port
Most probably, MMIs like Rsview, intellution, ... support at least serial communication

Trevor Ousey

Quite a few, what do you want? Price, available communication ports? What model S5? Nearly all mainstream HMI's have connectivity.

Terry Miller

Our company makes a product family of PC Based HMI and control products. We have an operator interface terminal, completely open (not proprietary) that runs on our Pentium class hardware, either Windows CE or 2000. Driver for S5
is included in the package. Please contact off-line if we can help.

Terry Miller
FlashPoint Technologies