PC serial to A-B DF1 communications


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Scott Morris

I'm trying to interface an SLC5/03 with the serial port on a PC using C++ code and some 'pre-made' serial to DF1 conversion packages. Any suggestions on simple effective API or ActiveX packages, my C++ is not so good.... so the
easier, the better !!

I've tryed SEG's HighwayVIEW API, and had some success, but the cost of the packages is to high. My boss does not want to continually be paying runtime license. I've also had a crack at using Automated Solutions ASABSerial ActiveX plug in but the example C++ code is more advanced than anything i've ever had to do, and as an undergraduate uni student, i suppose that's to be expected.

I don't need to have graphical interfaces or any user display at all. All that is required is to poll the SLC for data, have the serial PC read the data and then have it avaliable to a standard 10/100 ethernet. I'm new to all of this
automation stuff, in fact, this is my first job in the industry and i'm a little lost.... Please help before i decide to take the SLC for a swim whilst still plugged in to power !!!

Terence B. Creevan

There are several communication packages out there. I recently use CimQuest,
"www.cimquest.com":http://www.cimquest.com , which provides API type tools that communicate with Allen Bradley PLCs and SLCs. In order to distribute and not to violate their copyright/licensing agreement you can write your own Active X control that includes the CimQuest communication tools.

Terence B. Creevan
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I'm not a C-language programmer, but my first HMI project was designed under
VB. I got some tip for your reference:
1. Goto "www.softwaretoolbox.com":http://www.softwaretoolbox.com , they carry InGear32 AB-PLC ActiveX (OCX) for visual basic and visual C++. You can get the software with simple vb programming text book for less than $1,500.
2. If you need used for SCADA purpose. Try "www.Realflex.com":http://www.Realflex.com . I never use it, but our company use it for data collection from different PLC and protocol for a reasonable price. (it's QNX O/S based, need a server to run it)

Hope this help...

Try "www.automatedsolutions.com":http://www.automatedsolutions.com . I teach PLC seminars and am developing an HMI with a Visual Basic/C++ developer who has tried several ActiveX controls. He finds Automated Solutions products very easy to incorporate into his code and
they have a very fast and productive support crew. We are using their AB DF1 protocol for SLC5/03, the DH485, and will soon be using their interface for AutomationDirect PLCs.