PC to PLC Communications

I have CNC router with a num 1060 PLC which had lost power to the battery. I have replaced the battery, but now I can’t get the backups to load to the PLC. They don’t seem to be talking. Can someone explain what i need to do to check and load the backups? The machine is a 2000 model and linking it to the internet is not an option.

I am over 800 km from the nearest service tech so any input is appreciated.

Not familiar with the num 1060 PLC, but it appears the manual is available on the 'net.

The Rockwell SLC5 series from new had to have the comm ports configured before you could do anything. The manual informed you to use serial communications with a specific set of parameters in order to setup other ports - and of course to change parameters on the serial port.

It would appear you have the same issue on battery change.