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I have a need to connect a PC to a GE 90-30 PLC to get certain I/O status information. Has anyone done this that can tell me what I need to install Hardware/software?
A copy of LM90 software (GE's dos based programming software), SNP adapter (Series 90 Protocol- costs about $100) is what I use with 90 series plc's.
You can use the DDE server from Wonderware.
GESNP for serial and GEHCS for Ethernet.
Both will allow Excel to read and write info to the PLC.
You can also check out Kepware drivers.

M. Jayaprakasan

It can be easily done by three ways.

1. Through Versapro, ladder program supplied by GE Fanuc which supports SNP protocol, you can upload the program and monitor the status

2. If you SCADA package, which supports SNP ( Series Ninety) protocol, then you can use it to get the data

3. I hope GE-Fanuc PLCS Versa Max Micro/Versamax both supports Modbus RTU protocol, so the higher level 90-30 will also may support Modbus RTU protocol. Through Modbus interface, you can get the data.
The Modbus address GE Fanuc Address

3XXXX input registers ( %AI1-%AI255)

30000 - %AI1

4XXXX holding registers (%R1 - %R2048)

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