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Hey List,
I have an idea I'm trying to implement whereby we will use NT workstations on our network in a Quality and Services Dept and output to a big screen (60") TV. Any thoughts. We've looked into the flat screen projectors but the cost makes them somewhat prohibitive. The displays will be anything from straight data, to video, moving and stills to a combination of both. Any positive thoughts would be appreciated.

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Hullsiek, William

There are several companies that make XGA to TV output signals. Use one of these, for going to outside devices. They range from $120 t to $500 depending on the quality and what type of mixing you want to do.

You can record output onto a projection TV or VCR. I recently scanned in pictures, then wrote out the Powerpoint slides onto a VCR tape.

(The VCR is rather cool, because you can playback real-time displays from the control center for fault-analysis).

Security firms, can setup an array of VCRs, so you can get a 24x7 record of the plant.

You can use screen projection devices and a white-board, but the MTBF on the "office-stuff" can get to be expensive. Balance this against the high-end stuff. (It still maybe cheaper to replace the parts periodically than buy a more expensive unit).

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Philip Glass

Try this:

The all-in-wonder card will feed video to and from your television. I believe the cost is in the $200 range (+/- $200).
Have you considered an LCD projector?
I believe the prices for an LCD projector have come down likely below the cost of a 60" T.V.
I've seen a 15' image projected on a wall. I was very impressed with the clarity.
The price didn't scare me away either and it takes about $2,000 to scare me away.
Hope this helps.
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There are devices called RGB scan convertors which can convert the VGA component video into NTSC composite video. This will allow you to use a standard television set to display the composite video. There are a variety of such devices that convert vga to the various composite video formats. Five years ago they were quite expensive but I would expect them to be cheaper now. As you would expect, they all degrade the image quality. Check out RGB Spectrum at:


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I have been working on an idea of using a TV output from a video card so I can work and enjoy a hockey game at the same time from my TV. Basically a PC home entertainment system. I have been successful to a point. I used a diamond card, which I had available to me at no cost. It works OK, but the resolution stinks for doing any real work on the PC side. It is OK for browsing and E-Mail. I can record audio and play stereo. I have been investigating this and found that Matrox makes a card, All-in-one or Wonder 128 cards that have both TV in and TV out, along with a digital VCR which will allow you to record video on your PC. This is more like what I am after, but I am not sure about the resolution. Their literature advertises a high resolution, but I am not sure if this is for the monitor or TV side. I will need to buy one to find out. It seems if you use an HDTV that you could accomplish this quite easily, but the cost is
high for this type of TV. I already have a standard big screen TV at home so this means I will have to spend at least $2000 for an HDTV to get what I am really after. The Matrox cards are about $300, which is not bad, but if you want
the high end performance, you better have an AGP slot and running on at least a high end Pentium II. Gotta spend some more! I would be interested in any experience you have along these lines as you move forward.

I have been wanting to do something very similar
and I am trying to keep the cost to a minimum. My only requirement from the PC end is to be able to surf the web. (I will have a LAN connection) So I want good resolution, with out having to scroll sideways and up/down. I think even 800x600 (which is what I have on my PC) will not look good on the TV (29 inch)

Has anyone looked at the SCAN convertors from
FOCUS Enhancements TView Micro series or
AverKey iMicro. These look fairly cheap and if they do the job well, it would seem a worthwhile investment.