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Chris Ryan

Anyone have any information and experience with dual head video cards. I am running NT4.0 Sp5 or greater and wish to use the displays to show 2 different applications rather then a double wide desktop Thanks Chris 'RYNO' Ryan Slab Group PPI Bethlehem Steel Corp Sparrows Point Div. 410.388.7817 [email protected]

Darrell B. Jones

This can be done using drivers supplied by the card manufacturers. I.E. Arrapian, Matrox, etc. Win 98 and 2000 are able to do this plug-n-play style, up to 32! Some cards are better than others, so watch out. I ran 2 4-port vid cards in a system using Win 2K Pro, with minimal problems. Do a Search on Dogpile for manufacturers. Good luck.

Fred Chwalek

Is there a distance limit on the extra monitors? How could I transmit thesignal say 200 feet to a second display? Fred Chwalek Applications Engineer Beacon E-Commerce, eFilter Division Email: [email protected]

Jody Gallant

Your best bet would be to use a PC extender. We use them on our digital video capture unit. You can transmit PC video, KB, and mouse, up to 500' on regular CAT5 cable. We use it to control PC's from a control room, while leaving the eqiupment in a Rack room. Several companies make them, Black box even has one that allows a local and remote to be installed. (a Keyboard Monitor, and mouse locally at the PC, and a second unit located remotely) Whichever one is being used at the time takes control. good luck Jody Gallant CET Shadcomm Ltd.

Darrell B. Jones

They are called KVM Switches; Keyboard, Video, and Mouse. Rose Electronics sells great versions of this device. This allows the monitor to be a maximum of 100' from the system. www.rosel.com djtec
Hi, Another possibility to solve this problem is to use VNC. It works between Win and Linux, too. Download from: http://www.uk.research.att.com/vnc/ There's also a free Corba 2 ORB for download. Both are published under the Gnu licensing terms. Regards, Willy Smith Numatics Costa Rica