PC104 and 'small' DOS CPU's

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Stephen R. Phillips

Hello I've had a hard time to find a PC104 board that fits the following criteria.

256K/512K boot Flash ROM
Real Time Clock support.
Need 128k of application memory at least and limited DOS calls.
no serial ports.. if any they are Com1 and or Com2
no parallel port.
186+ cpu
FPU emulation OR can run a Borland C++ 5.0 executable with FPU emulation
enough RAM to run FPU Emulation and the application in memory.
<256k about>
Is cheap. :)

At the moment I am building a AMD188ER PC104 board to use for this that will have the code run in Flash ROM and will need no extra RAM other
than the 32k with the ER and be dos compatible <mostly :)> I need something in between to run the program while this is being debugged <fun fun>.

Suggestions? Caveats?

Flames, bashing will be ignored, suggestions welcome, ideas welcome, and
insights welcome.

C S Chandrasekhar

Suggest the following.
Requirement can be fulfiled by Ampro CPU card. Pls scan Ampro's website and order 386 or 486 based card with 4Mb RAM and Flash disc of 24Mb.
(1Mb flash comes as default but that is not sufficient for many applications.).Two serial ports are available with RTC. We have to ask
for Utility connector and then will get lithium battery for RTC backup. Ampro for CPU cards and Diamond for I/O cards.


CMC Limited.

David Wooden


Take a look at Micro/Sys, http:\\www.embeddedsystems.com . They have several
small x86 boards which could fulfil your needs.
By the way, I found this through the Circuit Cellar ink magazine site: http:\\www.circuitcellar.com .
This magazine is devoted to embedded systems and their applications, and is generally a good source of information on cheap embedded hardware.

Good luck!

David Wooden
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