PC20 from Philips, CI21 communication driver


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Ronald Nijssen


I am looking for information, API, OPC Server, Drivers, for a Philips CI21 communication card. In the past (+10 years ago) Philips sold, mostly in Europe, a PLC system named PC20, for this system a communication card was available named CI21, this card allows a Host system to read and write Data and Program memory. I am looking for documentation, an API, Driver or OPC server to communicate with the PC20 through the CI21 card

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Ronald Nijssen

Helmut Meissner

Dear Mister Nijssen,

we used the PC20 the last years in our machines. We have the connection from the CI21 the PC with RS 232 or RS 485 when we use more of the CI20.

My ingeneers did the programming of the PC driver in C under DOS, about 10 years ago.

It could be that you will get some more informations of the protokoll and a driver library at NYQUEST in the netherlands. Or try to contact Mister Draak at Nyquest in germany.

They gave me a good support some weeks ago.

I do not think that they made a OPC Server for such an old PLC system.

If you can not get any more informations, please contact me in my office at [email protected]


Helmut Meissner