PCDI communication between Honeywell system and Safety Manager


Does anyone have the experience to set up the PCDI communication between the Honeywell C300 and the Safety Manager? We have built a PCDI master block, 2 PCDIFLAGARRCH, and one PCDINUMARRCH, but they did not talk. This is R154.3 redundant safety manager program to Honeywell R520.1. Here are the setting we have

PCDI master block (PCDI_Master):
1. Device Type: Redundant Safety Manager
2. The Primary/Secondary TCP port: 502
3. Two IP addresses are set the same as the safety manager COM 1A.

1. Master Block Name: PCDI_Master
2. Channel number: 0
3. Device Address: 4 (Safety Manager controller node number is 1)
4. Starting Element Index: 210 (This is Safety Manager discrete output starting PLC address)
5. Number of Flag Values: 500 (number of DIGACQ blocks in the CM)

Could anyone help and advise?

Thanks & Regards,
Hi Ryan,

First of all, you need to make sure that the Safety Manager network configuration has set up the C300 controller in Physical View. The PCDI master block unit ID should be the same as the Safety Manager node number, not times 4. The Primary and Secondary TCP Port must be 51000 instead of 502. The Number of Flag Values is too many, I would not suggest you have more than 200 in the same CM. Let me know if this help.

We have similar issues at the moment, I'm still working through it.

-According to the safety manager integration document the Unit ID (pcdi) you configured in logicalview (SM) must match
- When doing SCADA, the Unit ID (server) is 4x the NODE ID (SM)
- PCDI will not work in a simulated environment (not a SIMC300 or a physical ACE)
- my digital slaves are pulling a packet of 100 points each (I have like 9 of them)

Questions I have:
- Do you have a server and c300 physical/ logical connection a part of your safety manager tree?
- For each point coming over PCDI, are you using modbus address assignments on the C300-SM connection or the Server-SM connection? [Next week i was planning on trying both]
- Are you doing anything special for the SOE data? Currently right now I don't have a way to pull that data. (I think it would be silly to build scada tags to grab this data)