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Robert Rowe

Hi! I very much enjoy the ongoing discussions. I would ask for your help with the following query.

Please point me towards any information available for the following programming languages:

PCL (Process Control Language, not to be confused with Printer Control Language)


CPL (Custom Programming Language).

Robert Rowe

Jan van Haren

Did you already found something ? I have some manuals from the Trane Company but very brief.
If you found something please tell me.

Best Regards,

The best way to learn PCL is to take the unit controllers classes (UPCM and PCM) offered by Trane. I don't know if they are still offering this.If not the books that you want from Trane are as follows:
EMTX-PG-6 PCM Programming guide
EMTX-PG-5 UPCM Programming guide
EMTX-AG-1 PCM Cookbook (Has sample routines)

As far as CPL you have to take two classes by Trane. 102 and 103 (I believe?)
CPL is a lot like C++ or Basic.
PCL is very easy to learn (Except for those damn DDC loops). I actually started programming in both before I had any classes or even a book! I Just looked at other routines and kinda figured out some of the basics. The classes really help though and I would defintely look into taking these if your thinking of getting into this.