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With shut down the main power source in our factory and again comeback of that power we lost one of our PCMCIA card for Magelis XBT-F024610 and Magelis panel show to us "card corrupted." then i connect this card to my laptop and in My Computer i see Removable Disk (F:) but it say "the disk in drive F is not formatted" and no action is possible. then i try to find another card, after i find the new card i try to load our application file (with .DOP extension) in new card but my laptop could not recognize new card. again this means i connect this card to my laptop and in My Computer i see Removable Disk (F:) but it say "Please insert a disk into drive F:" and no action is possible, PCMCIA PC card ATA is:

Manufacturer : PRETEC - P/N : PAJ008-2K

Schneider group used that for Magelis with this name: XBT MEM 08 (8Mbytes).

Could you please informed me what can i do?

Could you please send to me driver program for these cards? Thanks & Best regards.
Wow its been few years already and no one has given you any suggestion yet. Don't know if you still need it but,

Try this:
1. Open your DOP project file in XBT-L1000

2. Transfer -> Import/Export Folder...

3. Select a folder at your local computer, like c:\temp\Appli\

4. Transfer -> Export -> to Import/Export Folder

5. Copy the files in the folder to the PCMCIA card, like
(I think the folder must be named "Appli".)

6. Insert the PCMCIA card back to the panel and the panel should load the application.
I am also having problem with Memory card. We do not have File with .dop extension in the backup. We have one working card in similar system. Is it possible to take backup of it and load in new Card?

Please help
If you are using Vijeo Designer, one of the "transfer options" is file system (others are USB and Ethernet). Direct the "transfer" to the memory card and proceed. However, there is another step required. The worlds smallest DIP switches, located by the memory card slot, must be set to load from the memory card (older models used CF cards newer use SD). Take the time to read the documentation and make the procedure easier for yourself. On power up, the Magelis looks to the memory card (if DIP switch set) for a valid project, if it is valid, it loads. If not valid, it looks for project in its memory, if it is valid, it loads. No valid project, no load!