PCMK card on Win XP???


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Anyone able to get a PCMCIA/PCMK card installed on WinXP? The drivers from the AB.com site did not work. (most of the postings on AB.com seemed older, 2001 or before)

This is a new Sony laptop, and I am thinking this may have been a mistake, as most people using AB use Dell or Toshiba.

I would prefer not to change operating systems. Should I remove the Win XP and install NT or 2000? Maybe dual boot?
Are not the drivers for PCMK built into RSLinx?
Are you trying to load a dos driver into XP?


Marco Savegnago

I was able to install and use a 1784 PCMK B Series on a HP XE3 with Windows XP Pro using the Win2000 driver and RSLINX 2.31.

The same trick doesn't function with DeviceNet 1784 PCD C Series (blue screen and reset).
For this reason and in general for some instability problem with other program (in WinXP you can specify for each program the emulated enviroment Win95, 98, ME or 2000) I first install Win2000 SP2 with dual boot and after some week I remove XP Pro.

Marco Savegnago