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I am having trouble trying to install the drivers for the AB PCMK card series B onto my laptop. AB technical support are unable to assist me. Does anyone have any similar experiences and were able to resolve them.

Kirk S. Hegwood

I had a problem with loading the necessary drivers before and it was due to the brand of laptop. I was using AMS Tech. Just would not work. Bought a Dell and no problem. Kirk S. Hegwood President Signing for Hegwood Electric Service, Inc. [email protected]

Chuck Maccini

I have run into a problem with a memory allocation. Due to how the computers bios was set up. My problem was with a Gateway laptop and in one of the AB's manuals it discussed the problem with the gateway laptops. I have setup three Toshiba laptops without a problem.
I have successfully installed PCMK/B cards over Dell,HP,Toshiba,... Labtops, the 'key point' is that some machines use IRQ and memory adress for their own devices (you should change them, computer or PCMK Adress), some times the problem is not the computer, but the 'altered' Microsoft operating system, (OEM). Try with a non OEM Microsoft Windows'95 Hope you'll find a solution soon.