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I am trying to develop a scalable control package for specific application. Could anybody recommend a software platform of an open achitecture type to implement advanced PID control,cascade control, feed-foward control, and customized formula control. Interface with C++ is a must. GUI should be part of the software. Alarm historian should also be part of the software. All developments need to be reusable. Development code need be password protected. I do not know neither ladder logic nor any other low level languages and as a result programming language for this software need to be either very easy to learn or C. You recommendations are appreciated.

Curt Wuollet

You might check out Rview and the mat project mentioned in my .sig. The term Open architecture is used almost exclusively in a contradictory and even ridiculous manner in the automation business to describe closed systems with proprietary software. Perhaps if you define what you mean by Open Architecture, I can better direct you. Our project is the only truly Open effort I am familiar with. I'm sure there are a few others that have escaped my radar. If you want to use Windows, there is no such thing as truly Open Architecture IMHO.


I believe that we have the kind of open architecture that would suit this project well from the description. We have all the components required as well as the environment to implement the advanced controls mentioned. Our product is certainly very scalable both in the number of I/O points and in the possible speed requirements (basically limited by the OS).

In addition, with our architecture, if you have a computer model of the application, then the system can easily be initially tested against that
before replacing the model with the actual IO to the application.

We are not open in the open source sense as Curt mentions, the core product is proprietary but all the hooks are there for programmers to adapt the implementation to meet almost any requirement thrown at it.


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From what you are describing I can imagine you will receive a lot of suggestions. I can only speak of what I have used myself. SIEMENS WinAC (Soft PLC) sounds like a possibility among others I am quite sure. There is an ODK that is available which allows a user to write a dll in VC++ and then call this (async or sync). There are several different flavors of this. Again this is just what I have actually used myself. Email me if you have any further questions.

Roger Hill ([email protected])