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I have to design a system using a PC, ADC/DAC, sensors and actuators to control, well almost anything, for a university assignment. This is to include exact models and reasons for choosing each component. Could anyone out there describe a system they use or designed.

Nilesh Pradhan

I think that getting a reliable scan time is important when it comes to PC based control.

The system that I use is
1) WINNT 4.0 and a Texas Micrologic Industrial PC.. specifications available if required.
2) Pamux/ Opto 22 for digital IO
3) NI 1800 series for DAC and ADC requirements
4) chiliports for RS-232, 485 communication
5) I tend to buy other hardware with RS232 or 485

For eg I use Compumotor drives for motor control,
Eurotherm series for temperature or process control etc.

Besides, every machine that I build has a custom made software(VC++) to interface with the above components....

Other than that, there are hunderds of products in the market available for PC based control.
LabView, Cimplicity and other like products.
The only problem I have with them is the lack of flexibility.

James Fountas

My suggestion is to get a better defined scope.

As a student and later as an employee I put together various data acquisition and controls setups for a University. There is too much variety to capture it in one design.
Well, if you already know C, try the 6811
microcontroller boards from New Micros, Inc. in Texas. I used them as an instrument at
San Jose State, and they're very inexpensive ($100) and reliable.
They program in C, but they have DAC, ADC, motor
drivers, etc. Educational discounts and special