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Bob Munch


We are evaluating purchasing some AC VFD's from a company called PDL drives of New Zealand. Does anyone have any experience with them. I'd be interested in how well they've performed. We are looking at 40, 75 and 125 HP Ultra models.


Phillip O'Meley

I have used them some time ago, however if memory serves me correctly they are now owned by ABB. From my past experience they were a simple, relatively inexpensive drive to use. It really depends on you application. If it controlling pumps fans and the like ideal, if it includes conveyors, rolling mills etc, I would look to one of the main stream suppliers, such as AB, ABB, Seimens, Schnieder etc
Phill O'Meley
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Phillip O'Meley

Re my previous comment regarding the purchase of PDL by ABB, it appears that old age has got the better of me and I was mistaken. I apologize for any concern this has caused.
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I have used them some time ago, however if memory serves me correctly they are now owned by ABB. ...
PDL drives in New Zealand are widely used in all industry applications and have a very good name due to reliability, cost and the extra features most possess as standard. I would definitely consider PDL drives in any industrial process but I have not used their Ultra range as yet. As far as I know they are not owned by ABB.
Look at www.pdl-elec.co.nz for more info.

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Trevor Ousey


The site I am currently working at have PDL as one of their standard products, we installed some larger units and they are relatively easy to
setup and commission. The only thing with the larger units (55kW up) we have installed is the lack of room when a filter is installed. The smaller microdrives are good units and really easy to commission. You can get around it without a manual most of the time.

Trevor Ousey

Kalangadoo, South Australia
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