pentrend.dll - intouch v7.1


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can someone please help me to find online or send me pentrend.dll from intouch scada version 7.1 or 7.11, when i open a project is says this
file is missing then close's intouch.

Matthew M. Morris

Found this in some Wonderware technotes:

"Is the Productivity Pack installed on your machine? No, didn't know what that was.

Explained how to install Productivity Pack (16-pen trend) is where that dll comes from. He will do that.

WWlogID 1940478 - pentrend.dll is from Productivity Pack.

Looks like you need to install the Productivity Pack that should be included in the base set of CDs. I do not have Intouch 7.1 installed
anywhere so I can't just give you the file.