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Hi: We are working in the election of the system of control for a process plant. I need to have some opinions of people who have worked with the different systems like: DeltaV, Centum de Yokogawa, Smar, Freelance. Any opinion or reference will be of great aid for this work. Thanks a lot, Ana Maria Email: [email protected]
Make sure you leave room for future expansion/optimisation. If your process requires advanced strategies look seriously The Micon P-200. A modular system. 20 years ago it was doing what no other could achieve at all. Obtain detailed tutorial about it. Don't be scared, you will learn so much.
I am not sure whether this is of use because of its delay. I have dealt with DeltaV, Centum and FreeLance. Though they are equal in many senses being an OEM I would vote for the FreeLance system. It gives very good support in the initial engineering with documenting facilities for changes and versions. The function codes available are quite powerful. This is more a personal opinion my functional point of view. Whatever it is I 100% agree with Jim , leave a lot of scope on expansions. Look into drivers for ERP connectivity. Make sure you get a complete set of tools (OPC clients and servers including their documentation and similar standard items) and make sure that they support future expansions along with your bargain. You never know when you need them.
The Moore Apacs+ DCS is scalable and modular, easy to use, and does not require to shutdown or restart for any online system modification while running. It also has an accompanying TUV certified Safety PLC called Moore Quadlog. Now it is acquired by Siemens and called Siemens Moore Apacs+ and Quadlog. The Moore Quadlog safety PLC is also being used by Yokogawa for its Safety Solution as part of its Centum DCS.