Petrocount transmitter pre amp


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I'm looking for circuit diagram or the equivalent of an old pre-amp module used with the petrocount,a very old system we are using.

It's been manufactured by Brooks Instrument around 1970's and I couldn't find any data sheet or whatever for this. The chip numbers could no longer be read. If anyone could provide me, it would be of great help. Or, any suggestions? :)

juan preciado

i work for an oil company in mexico, and we still use the petrocount, but we have three diferent models the firts one is call IMS (this is the older version, Inventary Magament System), SMS (Sequential MS) (very diferent in the internal cards and electronics from the IMS) and the RMS (Ratio M, very similar to the RMS, the only diference is the program and the aplication), so we stil have some spare parts for it, even some pictures of the internal card, so if you give me any other information i can help, i also have some of the manual for them. now i remember there was a student that make a project for the college to make all the schematics for the IMS version, let me see if i can get a hold of him.