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Dear List,

We need to measure the petroleum flow, it has solids in suspension and accompanying gas. In this case our interest is only the mensuration of the petroleum mass flow . We then didn't need to measure the flow gas. What beginning of mensuration is the appropriate for this
mensuration? Some characteristics of the flow are:

Operating flow: 1500 m3/d
Operating pressure: 25 Kgf/cm2
BSW :12 %
Viscosity: 1400-1800 cst=20
speed: 0,134 m/s
Temperature: 30 *C
Out Side Diameter: 16"=20
It has a high percent of sulfur

Any suggestion will be of great utility

Thank in advance

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I think a good choice could be ultrasonic flow meters (Doppler effect). This kind of flow meter, needs some solids in suspension or gas bubbles to calculate the flow. I have used a Doppler flow meter for a long time in crude oil pipe (completed full 10 inches 500 psig 25 API 40 MMBPD) and it has worked pretty good.

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Crude flow:
Depending upon the rangeability and the required accuracy, the differential pressure producer may be a correct approach.
If it would be an orifice plate and only little
entrained gas, then the vent hole takes care.
By how much would the solids affect the weight density of the crude ?
The quadrant edge plate is designed for abrasion,
but is less accurate.

William T. Dolan Raytheon Engineers & Co

If I can add my two cents. For a differential producer, the Reynolds Number needs to be in the turbulent range to stabilize the discharge coefficient across the turndown range. This is not always achievable with a viscous fluid at low temperatures.
suggest you visit and follow link to ISA Measurement who make a multiphase flow meter for petroleum products with solids and gas content. Design is based on helix volumetric meter and a density meter to identify the phase distribution.