Philips PR1613 electronic scale protocol


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Piotr Kowalski

I need to develop application which will communicate with Philips PR1613 electronic scale but I have no documentation about its protokol.
I will appreciate any help.
Piotr Kowalski
There is a group of Engineers who have done this before try to contact the GWP Global Weighing Philippines I was one of the former
Automation Engr. there for 1 year so know the guys.............

Rob Hulsebos

I once made a protocol driver for a PC, long long time ago. First, you need a PR1613 with a communication option, I thought this was the /05. Then you need a description of the protocol. I don't know anymore how the protocol is, but it wasn't very difficult, although I recall a few peculiarities. For this, you must contact the current 'owner' of the PR1613 product, as Philips has spun-off this division. Refer to "":
(Germany) for more information, they should be able to help (I guess).

Rob Hulsebos