Phoenix Contact Interbus-S IBS CMD G4 Software


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Willy Smith

Hello all,

Does anyone have any experience using Phoenix Contact IBS-CMD-G4 software? Our development team in Scottsdale is having a really hard time just trying to turn some I/Os on and off with it, and they can't get in touch with anyone who knows about it in the US.

I've got a beta release of the software for the ECO-link interface here in Costa Rica, but it is so simple that even I can use it. The ECO-link is not yet available in the US (mine was smuggled in from Germany). Evidently the CMD-G4 is an order of magnitude more complex. Anybody out there have any experience, to get us off top dead center?

Regards and thanks,

Willy Smith
Numatico SA
Costa Rica
Suggest you contact Gregg Haldeman at Phoenix in Harrisburg PA. He is technical support for their software products