Photocell mini-beam curtain


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danny michaud

I got this problem. I got a conveyor with a multitude of bottle. The conveyor is divided in two parts. One part who take the bottle down and another one who take back the bottle if the end got too much already bottle.


Now this is my problem, I need to know if the first 80% of my down conveyor is full. I have thought about something a light curtain for safety but with mini-beam (banner) or maybe a capacitive sensor. Somebody know something like that?


Michael Griffin

You should be able to use an optical through-beam sensor to detect when the conveyor is full. If the beam is blocked for more than a set period of time, then you consider the conveyor to be full. The time delay allows individual bottles to pass the beam without triggering the "conveyor full" condition.

Banner (and no doubt others) have sensors intended to detect clear bottles. Have a look in their catalogue.

The middle part of your message is a set of unprintable characters. I don't know what you were trying to represent there.