PID algorithm for Nano


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Has anyone gone through the trouble of writing a PID program for the Nano? I am looking for either this or a commercially available PID controller (Yokogawa, etc.) that accepts a remote setpoint. I can find a PI controller that accepts a remote setpoint, but not a PID version. I am looking to use the Nano to reset the setpoint based on external factors, and if it can do the PID duties as well that would be great. I am currently using a Micro PLC 3721 to
do all of this.
Check-out Modicon's Momentum PLCs. These modular devices already include PID instructions for multiple process "personalities." Whether the
base unit or the advanced Ethernet models, they all come with PID algorithms only limited by memory capacity (you can even configure them as cascade PIDs). Choose the proper I/O base and through the standard ModBus port, you can remotely control/supervise your process. Let me know if this helps...
I am currently using a Micro PLC 3722 to
implement PID loop for pressure control of vacuum chamber ranging from 4 mtorr pressure.