PID Control loops & tuning


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What I need to know is where to find a good information source on writting a PID loop. I'd like to see how the integration is performed as weel as once the loop is written, tunning it. This loop is for an hvac application, so it probably won't need Derivative, but it would be nice to have that option. Thanks

Bobby Thornton

I would agree with the answer. Also, check out Stay away from the traditional tuning methods of
Cohen-Coon and Zigler Nichols. Lambda Tuning is good, but slow. The expertune Software seems to work well. I have used it on Air Washers
and Air Handing Units for Building HVAC. You do have to understand the interactions and limitations of your process and control hardware.
Shoty HVAC control valves like Johnson Controls can give you fits.

Bobby Thornton