PID Control of Toy Truck Motor


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Robert Kenny

I'm a mechanical engineer, so I have some experience with hooking up components electrically...I have a toy truck that we have stripped the original control system out of it, leaving only the electric motor for it. I have built a PI controller for it using one 4700 micF capacitor and two 10 kohm resistors. For the voltage input to the controller, I have a linear pot, and the output of the controller goes both
to the motor and an angular pot. We have one 4.8 V battery to hook everything up to. My problem is this: I have already sized the gain value and electrical loads to what I want, I just do not know how to actually connect all of the wires and
such. Namely, I need to know how to hook this sequence up: linear pot to the PI control, PI control to the motor / angular pot, then that angular pot back to the linear one for feedback. Are there sites with circuit diagrams for this? Please reply. Thanks