PID controller using 8051,DAC & ADC


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i want a software in 8051 for a PID controller using Analog to Digital Converter and Digital to Analog Converter. Can anyone please give me this software as urgent as possible or guide me that where i can get it on net. You can contact me at [email protected]
I was using PID on 8051, and will try to find my older projects. If I find them, I will gladly send them to you. But you will have to be more specific about A/D, D/A convertors...

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Friend were u able to find the project of PID controller ?. I am in desperate need of it. Please if you can get it as early as possible. It will be of great help to me. Also if possible then send to me all the details of it like interfacing diagram, ADC,DAC details and chips used. Please help me.

Saheel Shah.
hi, friend
u asked about the specification of a to d and d to a so here their are, dac max532 it is a 12 bit dual serial input voltage output dac and adc is any serial input 12bit adc

plz, try to reply as soon as possible

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I also need help of implementing a PID controller using 8051. The specific chip I'm using is the Amtel 89C52. I'm using ADC0804 and DAC0808 chips for conversions. Please send me ASAP the connection diagrams if you have them. Also the code. I would appreciate it if I can get them before end of next week. Thank you

Fannie Ditshego
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to be specific i am using MAX532 DAC and MAX 162 ADC . i have to make autotuning pid controller using 8051. No matter what ADC , DAC u have used but please send me the Interfacing diagram of chips as well as the pid algorithm and necessary stuff to understand it. it would be of great help.
Saheel Shah

Hope it's not too late.

I've done my final project about controlling a motor speed by using PID algorithm using a 8051.

maybe this formula can help solve your problem.

As we know PID formula in continuous time is
x(t)=Kp.e(t)+Ki.integral of e(t)+Kd.(d e(t)/d t)

but we are working in digital time, so the formula become


x is the new data
Kp, Ki, and Kd are the PID coeffs
err is the error between data and reference value
Ts is the sampling time
and the min1, min2, and min3 extention means data at (t-1), (t-2), and (t-3)

In addition, in my project i just connect the port1 of the uC to DAC input and to sense the speed, i used an optocoupler.

That's all from me.
I hope it can help you all.
Good Luck!