PID Controller Using C++

Hi There, I have a Pid written in C for a Pic Microcontroller, but it is hard to follow, I would like a copy of your PID in VB if you dont mind.

My e-mail is [email protected]

If you want the PIC version written with the CCS compiler for a PIC 16F877 let me know, I found it on a Robot site. I also have all the Calculus formulas.

John P.

Johan Bengtsson

Read the archives, the topic is covered several times already.

/Johan Bengtsson

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> I've developed one for Visual Basic If anyone's interested.

Dear Brian,

I would like to have your VB program for a PID controller. I am teaching Process Simulation using Cimplicity HMI (Plant Edition) at Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería in Lima, Perú. Please, send me your program to the address [email protected]. I will thank you a lot.

Thank You very Much.

Celso Montalvo.
Lima, PERU.