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Tom Holderfield

Can anyone steer me in a direction for info about PID loops? I know very little about PID's, but can do standard programming.
Visit the web site of Micon
Obtain their booklet, it's a mine of informations for Process Control Instrumentation.
One of the better and inexpensive books on this subject is David W. St. Clair's book "Controller Tuning and Control Loop Performance - PID Without the Math." This is a ~90 page book which costs, last I heard, $16 plus postage. There is a companion software($10) that allows you to play with PID loops. You can order the book and software from:

Straight-Line Controls Co. Inc
3 Bridlebrook Lane
Newark, DE 19711-2003
[email protected]

Bill Mostia
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Johan Bengtsson

Depending on how much you want to learn and if you have any money at all to spend on learning it, we have a training package (PC based course including simulation of controllers and processes). More description can be found at check LearnWARE process control basic.

/Johan Bengtsson

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Alexandra Walinski


I am an aspiring PLC programmer who was recently laid-off and may have a chance for a new job, if I know anything about waste water process control.
PID was mentioned at interview. Please help if you are so kind, maybe knowing your method will get me started.
Alexandra Walinski
[email protected]