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PC in PID stands for package connection. What does that mean? i can't find a way to upload the relevant PID here. Any1 has an idea?

Try to put down your query properly. Were you asking about P&ID? P&ID is Process & Instrumentation Diagram.

It is a diagram which shows the process on a 2 dimensional drawing (paper), various piping connections to process equipments, various instruments connected to lines / on the lines etc.

P&ID is a document derived from PFD - Process Flow Diagram.

Hope you understand what is P&ID.

If you are still asking for PID - let me tell you that PID is a type of control (Proportional, Integral, Derivative) used for controlling the physical variables such as Flow, temperature, pressure etc.

PID will not have a diagram most of the times (unless you want to explain / show the concept of PID control through graphs). P&ID will have a diagram.