PID Implementation in PROFIBUS

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Anantha Krishnan TS

I am new to Profibus Technology and request for the following clarifications.

1. Like FF, is it possible to implement PID control in the PROFIBUS field device itself?

2. How do I configure a profibus device?

3. What are the Configuration tools available in the market that can be used for configuring Profibus field devices?


Daniel Chartier

Hello Anantha;

One of the main differences between FF and Profibus-PA is the use of function blocks in the field instruments: F.F. allows it, PA does not.
In PA networks, all the field data is brought back to the controller, generally a PLC, through a Profibus-DP coupler/link (now possible over Ethernet TCP/IP for certain manufacturers) and control loops are implemented there. In F.F. control can be authorized either in the master or (if one chooses the option) in the field devices.

So, no, you cannot establish control loops in the field instruments in a Profibus-PA network configuration.

Hope this helps,
Daniel Chartier