PID Loop Tuning Course


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I am looking to attend a PID loop tuning course this year and I looking for a good instructor lead course.

Hans H. Eder

ACT is offering fully practice oriented, always top rated training courses covering the principal working of the P, I and D-controller and their combinations, controller tuning and also trouble-shooting.

To provide the basis for sound control performance, the process types and their behavior, plant tests and process parameter estimation are also covered plus the selection of the best suited control strategy. Exercises with our award winning process control tool TOPAS deepen the understanding.

More information is given on our Web-site under "Training".

For further details please get in touch with me: Hans H. Eder, [email protected], phone +32-2-767-0895.

By the way: Where are you based? We also provide in-house courses world-wide.