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Majlessi Fazel

I'm presently researching the possibility of a PID loop tuner and was interested to find that you had developed one in 1998. Was this completed,
and if so was it ever used in a industrial application. Could you please let me know the status of this software and if it is available.

Many thanks

Fazel Majlessi
PID again: check "expertune"
You will see why there is no hope for tuning, depending upon the numerical D and I approximations.
What does work for some don't for others.
If you had a faithful PID [ like analog ] then tuning is simple using Ziegler-Nichols. No doubt !

Paul J. Botzman

ControlSoft offers multiple PID tuning software packages. We offered our first package in 1990 and now have generic and customized software for use by PLC and DCS end users.
ControlSoft uses IMC tuning technology, that is great with longer dead-times.
More information on INTUNE and customized software available at


Paul J. Botzman