PID Tuner Generator Seal Oil Valve Mark VIe 7FA


I need your support for the tuning of a generator oil seal control valve. The output variable is the sqdpcv_out. I found the Transfer function when it is in cooldown on, to do the tests, but I can not find the type of algorithm that uses this type of control.

I have one more query, the transfer function in cooldown on will be the same in cooldown off?

Thank you.

Based on the information provided, Iâ'm going to guess the "algorithm" is a Macro, for which there is no block help provided. That seems to be happening quite a lot with Mark VIe, and it must be a relatively recent change to go from the mechanical differential pressure regulator used for decades for generator seal oil pressure control.

It would be necessary to see the application code and the generator seal oil P&ID to be of any further assistance.

Since you have an F-class machine you also probably have access to GE for assistance with questions like this. Have you tried asking GE for assistance?