PID Tuning from ASCII data


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Mehmet Zeybek

For process control optimization I need to evaluate the effectiveness of the PID tuning programs on the market. For that reason I need your opinions as practical users more than theoretical.

Although I found out several companies which serve on this subject, I have to realize pro's and con's from your valuable comments.

On the field once devices are connected to PLCs, main DCS governs the rest of the control. TI505 and Modicon Quantum series are used as PLC and GSE made D3 v9 is used as DCS.

All the PID control is at DCS level. Meanwhile, as a historian we have Aspentech made INFO+21 v2.0. From this server I am capable of picking
up process data, with time stamp but eventually with some delay.

Unfortunately due to DCS limitations either version or hardware, online option is not possible. For this purpose, I am concentrated on PID tuning parameter set from ASCII data.

Would you please give your comments on PID tuning from ASCII data or any other method which will be compliant with our existing system configuration.

Thanks in advance,

Mehmet Zeybek
Plant Automation Supervisor
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Paul Salessy COTEMS

If you have not yet solved your problem, you may refer to the Graphidor product used with success by Oronite Chevron Chemical. You may get more info at the address and it may be possible to send you a demo version to help you if you want.
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