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Which are the advantages of using an additional position integral term in a PID controller for a motion system ? I think this is called PIID or PI^2D

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The extra integral term in a PID is used when the setpoint moves up and down at more or less constant speed. the "normal" PID controller will have a constant error as long as the setpoint moves the extra I term will remove this error.

This is entirely regardless of what application you use this modified PID in.

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Additional integral would be needed when PID (or PI)controller does not provide an EFFECTIVE integral action in the control loop. Attached is my paper which elaborate this concept. The term that I proposed for a PId (or PI) controller with additional integral i: Effective Integral Controller. Ashab Mirza ([email protected]) Assistant Professor, Institute of Industrial Electronics Engineering, (IIEE), PCSIR. ST-22/C, Block-6, Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi. Pakistan.