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My company is working on an online analysis tool that "recognizes" pdf-based piping & instrument diagrams (PIDs) symbols. Users will be able to upload and store their list of PIDs. The tool will, among other things, recognize different symbologies & provide a search feature where users can locate a particular PID using a symbol or a process function [<i>e.g. show me all diagrams that have pressure safety valves</i>]

My question is would this tool be useful to the community? Would users/companies be interested in paying for such capabilities?
I would estimate there would be a market for it, and many sites would find it useful.

However, I can see one big problem. There are MANY names for a valve which regulates the downstream pressure. Pressure Regulating Valve; Pressure Reducing Valve; Let-down Valve; Make-up Valve; PRV; Regulating Valve; the list could go on and on. Many sites will have P&IDs provided by more than one supplier/vendor, and the same device can be described differently (named differently) on the different P&IDs. AND, different suppliers/vendors will draw the device differently, also.

I would say a very good idea for making P&IDs even more useful would be to have a method for adding details about the device such as manufacturer; manufacturer's part number; supplier's part number; device number/description (such as 90SR-1, or 96SR-1) or the KKS description; along with the site's nomenclature/description for the device. Even more useful would be a method for tracking warehouse inventory of the device, repair/replacement history, etc. Some method for adding other vendor part numbers, and sources, for the devices would also be helpful.

Hope this helps! Best of luck in your endeavour!
Thank you for your response: My assumption here is that the interpretation of symbols will also be guided by symbology standards (e.g. ISA S5.1). For example - the tool can extract a 'region/indicator' with the letters 'PSV' and interpret that (ISA S5.1) as 'Pressure Safety Valve'. I could be rather naive in my interpretation.

Can you provide some examples (PIDs, PDFs or abbreviations) that describe what you mentioned? Would be greatly appreciated.
gee, there may be an ISA "standard" but that is not the final answer as every company has their own variation with various additions...

your software would need to be company specific, issued with the p&ids. You will also need links to the process flow diagrams and the material balance...not to over look the piping layout drawings.
>My question is would this tool be useful to the community?
>Would users/companies be interested in paying for such

There are numerous names for a valve regulating the downstream pressure.