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I know piping class such as A1A, A2A, D2E, D2A, G2E etc. means for instance in A1A => A- Class; 1-Service (such as NACE, H2 Service, NACE+H2 etc); A- Basic material;

Now they are mentioning piping line number as for eg.(D363-CH-118-6"-EC14EDFR-HC-70) I don't know how to find the piping class and its spec
kindly share your thoughts.

Thanks in advance
Sakthi Venkatesh

this is very common line numbering system:
D363-CH-118: usually give you info. about unit no. & line no.

6": Line size

EC14EDFR: Piping service class

HC-70: other piping info. such as insulation....etc.

you need to ask your client to provide you with their piping service class doc. which will give you the full details of requirement of "EC14EDFR".

Hope this will help you.


Thank you Saif for sharing this information, if you have any documents regarding Piping material Spec. can you send it to me
Dear sir,

I want know piping class such as A1A, of chemical composition which grade pipe as per the comment on 25 Jan.

So please help me