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David Diaz

I have an AB's 1784-PKTX comm card, and I'm trying to set up it in a compaq with W2000, but it doesn't works, does any body know how to set up it in win 2000, i questiones to the AB people, but they sent me a driver that doesn't work at all in W2000.
Any help will be very apreciated.

I just did this a few weeks ago, and I believe it took RSLinx 2.20.02 Service Pack 2 to make it work. It's available on the Rockwell Automation website, which I can't get to right now for some reason.
I can confirm for certain the other posts on the 1784-PKTX card and Windows 2000.

You need RSLinx version 2.20.02 and the Windows 2000 plug-and-play driver, which is included on the product CD (and in the product download) in a
separate folder.

I have set up both PKTX and PCIC cards successfully with this version of RSLinx. If you do not have the correct version of RSLinx, even the correct Plug-and-Play driver will not make the card function. I've done this both with and without Windows 2000 SP1.

Version 2.20.02 of RSLinx, known as "Service Pack 2" or "Build 126", added Windows 2000 support for several A-B communication cards, including the PCIC, PKTX, and PKTXD.

The download is pretty hefty; if you have a valid serial number (for RSLinx Lite, you can have any other product in support too) I prefer
calling the (440) 646-7700 number and they'll send you a new CD.

Ken Roach
A-B Seattle
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Bob Peterson

My understanding is that with this particular combination you must upload the latest verion of RSlink from the AB web site and install it. Installing just the driver does not work. I think the upload is like 40 megabytes.

Bob Peterson

John Paley--Graphic Pkg Corp

I just installed a pktxd card in a w2k box this week. The included software didn't work. Had to download the service pak 2 version (30 Meg download) from Learning that that's what I needed was no fun, either. It was saturday and tech support was closed. Still it didn't work--so I called em monday. First I looked in the device manager and found that the card was using no system resources, and there was no driver loaded. Tech support had me disable pnp in my cmos setup, then reload the driver. It still says no driver loaded, but at the same time is using system resources and reports it's working correctly. I can now configure channels in rslinx with no errors--but I still haven't connected to DH+ or DH485 yet for the full test.

Daniel C. Rozok

Just completed the same task a couple of weeks ago. But it sounds like I received a little more info from AB tech support. First, according to AB,
the diagnostic that ships with the PKTX card is about 2-1/2 years old. There was no diagnostics avalaible that worked on the NT platform. You can find a download, but it does not work on anything higher than a NT4SP5. Second, if you have a newer PC with the faster communication bus, ie >133MHz, the only thing that can talk to the PKTX card is RSLINX, not even the diagnostics package that you can download off the web. The issue with not being
recognized by device manager, at least according to AB, is that there is an problem between the driver for RSLINX and MS, where MS was not recognizing some API calls that RS was utilizing. Sounds fishy, everyone pointing fingers and I'm stuck debuging 'off-the-shelf-hardware/software'. Another day in the life of an engineer!

Daniel C. Rozok

Pedro Montalvo

The first thing to do is to go into your computer's bios to see if there is a plug and play o/s option, if there is then, disable it ( set it to no) and save the information.
First step: uninstall the PKTX
Second step: Shut down the PC.
Third: Disable the option mentioned above.
4TH: Restart the PC and reinstall the driver of PKTX for Win2K.
Now should be OK.
Hope it works,
Pedro Montalvo
[email protected]