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Robert McDonald

Hi All,

I need to get a system up and functioning.

The PC is a windows 2000 profesional system with a 1784-PKTX PCI card installed. It uses RSLinx 2.20 as the comms server and Citect as the
HMI. I have installed the drivers for the PKTX that were on the AB website, seems to have installed okay at adress C000. Checking Device
Manager confirms this and also states it is using interrupt 5.

The problem is RSLinx and KTXDiag both cannot "see" the card in the system. Even though I assign them to C000. If I set RSLinx up as also using interrupt 5 it reports a mapping error. Otherwise it indicates a dual port error, card not existing.

I have tried the AB knowledgebase articles but there doesnt seem to be a mention, perhaps I'm not searching right.

Can anyone out there is this big electronic world help me with this?? It obviously does work since the original PC used the PKTX card with Win2K
however the original SI left no documentation on setup and a hard drive crash erased the evidence.

Hopefully someone can shed some light.

thanks in advance.

Robert McDonald.
Hello Robert,
Be sure you were in the MSDOS environment (not a shell from Windows) when you tried to use the Pktxd program or else, you can't see the card. Also, in the RSLinx, the assignment of the PKTx card is automatic. Maybe you are entering the wrong parameter (you have chosen KTX instead of PKTX in the "Value" option). You do not have any option for this except for Ch1. You can not also assign or change a board address in the KTxDiag because it is using the default value (which probably assigned by the PC).